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Re: Holes in fins (goldfish)

Subject: Re: Holes in fins (goldfish)
by fcmf on 19/10/2020 18:12:47

Thanks also for your reply. This helps eliminate some potential trains of thought I had and focus in on potential areas that might help as follows:
* advanced age: N/A - but fish do definitely change over the course of their lifespans and this might just be 'normal variation' for this particular fish (one of mine went through a phase of repeatedly losing ~12 scales along one side);
* water potentially containing chloramine: N/A as you use Seachem Prime;
* water hardness level not being appropriate: N/A as goldfish do better in harder water;
* water quality: N/A for ammonia and nitrite; nitrates might account for the issue; would definitely advise a liquid-based test kit for these 3 aspects of water quality;
* potential injury from decor / being netted / bullying: N/A;
* diet: great that still eating (a +ve sign); I would definitely supplement diet, though, to ensure a wider range of nutrients and also potentially clear out any intestinal blockages as that might account for the sitting - I'd put several peas in the tank once or twice a week (shell off, each half cut into tiny morsels), possibly feed live/frozen bloodworm once a week, and perhaps look at a pellet-based food to alternate with the flakes such as one specifically for goldfish from https://www.pro-shrimp.co.uk/94-food-by-species or https://www.completeaquatics.co.uk/aqu ... -coldwater-foods?limit=40 .

Hopefully, after a month or so, the dietary suggestions will resolve the issue (or at least halt the progression of any further pinholes); however, if not (or even if it does), then it may be worthwhile looking at options to address the high nitrates. If anything else or any other suggestions spring to mind, I'll let you know.