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Re: Holes in fins (goldfish)

Subject: Re: Holes in fins (goldfish)
by fcmf on 19/10/2020 14:56:26

Thanks for the very helpful and clear photos. This is not something I've come across but, to help with a diagnosis, the following additional info would be helpful:
* how old is the fish (and the other fish)?
* what are your tank water readings for ammonia/nitrite/nitrates/PH/KH+GH? [If you don't have the latter two, what does your water supplier website give as the reading for CaCO3 and German degrees hardness?]
* what are your tap water readings for ammonia and nitrates?
* have you noticed one fish chasing or bullying the other?
* what is their diet (including brands of dried food)? Is this fish definitely eating (or just swimming around as though interested in food at meal times but not actually ingesting food)?
* what decor is in the tank - anything the fish could be catching its fins on?
* presumably you don't net and remove the fish during water changes / tank maintenance?