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Sick weatherloach

Subject: Sick weatherloach
by oldsplasher on 23/8/2020 9:35:49

Anyone here got weather-loaches?
Life here in the tank has settled down since my old goldie died a couple of months ago. However, I now have the most bizarre behaviour by one of my weatherloaches.
I have four of them; three are about seven inches long, lots of spots; the fourth one is a smaller type. They have all been fine, but one of the larger ones....a female...is now acting very strangely.
I found her this morning standing vertically in the water, on her tail, tilted over slightly backwards; and with her mouth open. A gentle prod from me proved she was still alive; she swam off, but several minutes later was doing the same thing again. Variations on the theme include falling over on her back until she is lying on the tank floor. I suspect something isn't right with the swimbladder, normally they emit air from the back end as a control, but whether she is doing this or not, I really can't tell.
The loach has also distanced herself a little from the others; not all day, but just at times. I can see her now, floating vertically and tail-down, like a ghost rising from the crypt. She is eating and appears to swim well enough, but this other posturing is bizarre.
Although I have occasionally treated weather loaches for a touch of fungus, I've never used much else in the way of meds on them.

Should have added; the larger loaches are around three years old. They are in a 1.5 metre (5 feet) tank, 18 inches wide (45cm) and approx 70 UK gallons (320 litres).