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Re: Cory heavy breathing and dying

Subject: Re: Cory heavy breathing and dying
by fcmf on 18/8/2020 22:50:51

I'll have to be brief (apologies) but can now eliminate the following as potential possibilities:
* algae - I'd read on another forum about cyanobacteria (blue/green algae - very different from yours) having a fatal effect, but your algae is fine;
* lack of ammonia in the tapwater = good - I had wondered whether you might have chloraminated water and may therefore require a water conditioner or dosage that specifically addresses that rather than just chlorine, but yours doesn't seem to be chloraminated (unless API Masterkit suggests ammonia in tapwater).

Final question:
* what is your water hardness in CaCO3/ppm or German degrees hardness? [If in UK, input postcode into water supplier website to find out.]