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Re: Cory heavy breathing and dying

Subject: Re: Cory heavy breathing and dying
by Pipmeister on 18/8/2020 21:01:28

Thank you so much for the reply!
So, it does sound to you like it's stress related in conjunction with some water parameters? Unfortunately I only got tests once the problem had occurred and used tetra dipsticks for ammonia and for pH etc, then a liquid tetra test for oxygen and a liquid nutrifin test for nitrate....the api master testkit will arrive only tomorrow so potentially the dipsticks didn't give an accurate result for ammonia and nitrites? (both tap water and tank were 0, and tap water nitrites 0, nitrates minimal)
My dechlorinator is Tetra too, the blue stuff with anti stress ingredients.
Regarding the algae, would you be able to point me to that thread? There's only one type of algae in the tank, a little on the ornaments and on the side, see photo, it's like very thin brown patches that I rub off weekly.
Thank you once again for your input!

Best, Dina