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Re: Cory heavy breathing and dying

Subject: Re: Cory heavy breathing and dying
by fcmf on 18/8/2020 18:35:19

Sorry to read about this. Potential explanations are:
* the addition of the 5 cories will have had a significant impact on the filter's bioload and capacity to process the fishes' waste, and these young cories weren't sufficiently robust to cope with this (following the likely stress of their journey to LFS, etc.) - did you check ammonia and nitrite levels during those 3 days?;
* the water parameters (eg hardness/softness) are considerably different from those of where they came from / the LFS and this has caused a shock to the young cories;
* something else not yet identified (and possibly the reason why the fish are hiding under the ornament).

A few more questions:
* what brand and type(s) of test kit(s) are you using?
* what is the ammonia and nitrate level from your tapwater?
* what dechlorinator are you using?
* just a thought based on someone else's experience I read recently - is there any algae-like substance under any of the ornaments or evident anywhere such as on the corners/joins of the tank?