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Re: Identifying growth on fin

Subject: Re: Identifying growth on fin
by snowy_owl on 15/8/2020 18:30:48

Thanks again for the follow-up message. During today's water change I noticed that part of the injury (the red and white bubble at the end of the fin) had fallen off and was floating in the water. The fin also looks slightly healthier. I've read stories about how the infection can fall off and the fin can self-heal if the fish doesn't experience further stress and so I'm hoping this might be the case for me. My plan is to do a second course of myzaxin in a week's time and minimise disruption to the tank to keep the environment as stress-free as possible.

I'll look into your suggestions for reducing the nitrates. I switched to silk plants a while ago, because my goldfish ate the live plants and created a terrible mess in the tank (it took ages to get the water clear again!), but nitra-zorb sounds interesting.