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Re: Identifying growth on fin

Subject: Re: Identifying growth on fin
by fcmf on 14/8/2020 15:10:17

Struggling to reply, so will need to be brief again (apologies- and hope coherent):
* great re ammonia and nitrite, and the transfer of filter media, so can eliminate 'new cycle' aspect;
* lymphocystis a possibility (or an injury in transfer?);
* whether/not tank move may have been stress factor, or whether immune system lowered as fish not young, likely unknown - but focus on keeping optimum water quality for now (see below too);
* re high nitrates, nitrate-removing media often doesn't work but have read favourable comments re some floating plants (if not eaten by fish!), Nitra-Zorb and reverse-osmosis water (latter may be a faff/risk to start experimenting with when got not-so-young fishes' health at stake).