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Re: Identifying growth on fin

Subject: Re: Identifying growth on fin
by snowy_owl on 13/8/2020 16:22:19

Thank you very much for replying. The nitrite and ammonia readings are 0 (brand new test kits ordered the other day). I don't currently have a valid nitrate testing kit, but the readings directly from the tap water have always been on the very high side due to using London tap water (this has never been a problem for the goldfish). I transferred the original filter media to the new tank and so I am confident that the tank has not started a new cycle.

After doing some more research I'm wondering if the disease is Lymphocystis? The symptoms are close to what I can see on my fish (bubbly, boil-like growths). Unfortunately there does not seem to be a cure but can be triggered by stress. I'm wondering if the stress of the tank move caused this?