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Re: Identifying growth on fin

Subject: Re: Identifying growth on fin
by fcmf on 13/8/2020 14:45:16

I can only answer briefly/once today but:
* much more importantly than whether the original water was moved over between tanks, did you move the original filter media (+/- the filter itself)?
* what are your ammonia, nitrite and nitrates levels specifically? (What do you mean by 'normal' nitrite?)
The filter media contains the beneficial bacteria that processes the fishes' waste (of which goldfish produce a lot), and this is crucial. If it was not transferred over to the new tank, and new filter media (+/- a new filter) was put in, the fish will be undergoing a fish-in cycle, with ammonia and nitrite presence likely resulting in what looks like finrot. Only 0 ammonia and 0 nitrite, plus nitrates <20 (or no more than 20 above tap water nitrates) will assist in healing - while Waterlife Myxazin is a good medication and what I'd suggest, it won't work if water quality isn't as described.