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Re: Shubunkin with eye infection

Subject: Re: Shubunkin with eye infection
by fcmf on 4/8/2020 22:28:58

Did the medication you used also cover bacterial infections? Some (eg eSHa 2000) do cover fungal and bacterial infections. If not, then it may be worth a try of a medication for bacterial infection.

It does look rather similar to what my own goldfish ultimately developed and which may well be a tumour. If so, as your shubunkin is still very young, it may well be operable. If you're UK-based, then you may be able to get advice from https://www.fishvetsociety.org.uk/inte ... illing-to-treat-pet-fish/ [In the interim, though, I'd try the bacterial infection treatment if you haven't already.] Vets may also be able to prescribe antibiotics, which can only be obtained by vet prescription in the UK, in the event that the condition can be treated that way, but I'm fairly certain this is some sort of growth, whether benign or malignant.

Best of luck, and please keep us posted.