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New here, and need some advice.

Subject: New here, and need some advice.
by Cossamaximus on 18/7/2020 15:33:02

Hello all,

I'm new here. My names Tim, and I need a little help if possible.
I have recently started a 240L tank for African Mbuna Cichilds.

Resized Image

I used ATM colony to cycle the tank when adding 8 fish.

My ammonia reading thus far has never gone up above 0.50ppm, and for about the first 3 days no Nitrites were showing...but strangely by day 3, nitrates started showing up, using the API Master Kit, the colour was clearly not 0ppm but closer to 5ppm.

I added 8 more fish on day 4, and my nitrites started to show, after the 4th day it was 0.25ppm, and my ammonia dropped too, to 0.25ppm. My nitrates where still showing at a more obvious 5ppm.

Now my concern is, its been 7 days, and my nitrites are still showing at 0.25ppm and my ammonia is also still showing 0.25ppm. However my nitrates aren't going up passed 5ppm, and i would have thought at least a little increase would have happened.

How accurate are these API Master kit ammonia and nitrite kits at the lower 0 to 0.25ppm range.

On another note, my water seems a tiny bit murky, I run two canister filters. A fluval 307, with mechanical sponges, coarse, medium and fine, then nearly 2kg of BioHome Ultimate media. In my other 307, I run mechanical, Fluval biomax ceramic rings, and activated carbon.

My water parameters have been consistent

PH 8 - 8.2
KH 7/8
GH 5/6
Temp is 26c

I have loads of water movement, from both canister filters returns, and I have loads of bubble being created by my Eheim Air Pump. I also have a powerhead, adding additional flow, and surface agitation.

I welcome all advise and help.

Thanks in advance everyone.