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Have I traumatised my female Acara!?

Subject: Have I traumatised my female Acara!?
by Pcam86 on 7/7/2020 17:22:28


A week ago my Electric blue Acara's spawned and days later I'd sucked the fry out and into a fry nursery inside the tank due to their numbers appearing to fall daily. Since then the female Acara hasn't eaten and will occasionally spit food out if she bother's to venture towards any food at all. For days now she's been either sat in the plants or stays in the corner of the aquarium. Could removing the fry from her have caused this?

My water tests are all normal (Everything is zero, nitrates are virtually zero)

Last night I did randomly lose a platy overnight who'd appeared to have trouble with buoyancy the night before. (I think a few of the fish try to eat the plec algae wafers and as this expands a lot I'm not sure if this could have caused it.

As I'd worried about the Accra I did add Esha 200 and Esha Exit to the tank but nothing has changed on day 3 of the treatment.

any help would be great, thanks.