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Re: Weird string of unrelated issues? Help with goldfish treatment

Subject: Re: Weird string of unrelated issues? Help with goldfish treatment
by fcmf on 24/8/2020 13:48:16

Thanks for the update, and for the kind words - glad to have been of help.

Managing the situation such as you describe does indeed require tinkering here and there, taking into account the effects on and minimising any adverse impact on the others, etc. The situation does sound much more promising, though, which is great. The bottom-sitting may well indeed be night-time behaviour - I've noticed that some of mine have displayed different behaviour then, as they focus on rest rather than maintaining buoyancy, etc.

Re enrichment: when thinking about my goldfish (RIP/SIP) recently, I recall him having some aquarium pebbles in a corner of his bare-bottom tank as well as heavy-bottomed silk plants that could stand upright on their own. The pebbles were *definitely* large and heavy enough that he couldn't possibly attempt to swallow them; he did tend to forage in/around them, often scattering them down the length of the tank.

Re feeding: it might be worth considering smaller-sized pellets in future if that's possible as it may make them easier to digest, and erring towards feeding 'little and often' such as the same amount ordinarily fed but divided into separate feeds.

Hope that helps, and best of luck.