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Re: Weird string of unrelated issues? Help with goldfish treatment

Subject: Re: Weird string of unrelated issues? Help with goldfish treatment
by merpig on 23/8/2020 18:16:34

Hi - thought I'd give a quick update on what's going on in this tank.

I am overall in a better position than I was when I first started this thread - the loss of one of the ranchu not withstanding. The remaining three fish are all still with us.

The oranda has entirely recovered from the swim bladder issues I posted about on 17/07 that had me about ready to throw in the towel - I removed the floating plants and that seemed to fix her desire to forage at the surface. I added in a piece of wood with anubia planted onto it and piled up their large pebbles around it to give them something to forage around in the lower half of the tank, as I was worried that boredom was playing into the whole issue of her surface breathing as they lack enrichment (the tank being bare bottom because of the ranchu's suicidal desire to eat sand!)

Since 17/07 I have not seen her drift upside down or display anything other than normal active swimming 90% of the time. She does still bottom sit maybe once or twice a day - the issue I was trying to fix in the first place - but almost entirely at night time so I can't say it's not just sleeping behaviour.

The feeding schedule I've adopted is repashy super gold in the morning and new life spectrum pellets in the evening.

It's not perfect, because repashy seems to mess with the ryukin's digestion (go figure) - he is noticeably more floaty after the repashy. However, when I fed pellets twice a day or reduced feeding to once a day, I saw more bottom sitting from the oranda! I think I'll try a different brand of pellets next and keep tinkering with their diet, but none of them seem in any immediate danger and are doing pretty well!

The sand eating ranchu originally was lethargic/heavy breathing - that has completely resolved.

I feel like I'm now on the right track so a big shout out to fcmf for the help and encouragement over the last few months!