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Re: Weird string of unrelated issues? Help with goldfish treatment

Subject: Re: Weird string of unrelated issues? Help with goldfish treatment
by fcmf on 17/7/2020 16:31:01

All the water quality may read ok, I'd suggest what I call a 'non-invasive water change' - just take out a few jugfuls of water and replace them with dechlorinated water. Water has all sorts of things in it that can't be measured by stress kits, including stress hormones, and a water change will never/rarely do any harm and often can perk up an ailing fish.

Ordinarily I might suggest fasting the tank for a day or two, then start the revised feeding regime. However, I've since been having a think about this and also a think back to my own goldfish (RIP/SIP), in conjunction with what you've said, and wonder if time is of the essence to get these fish onto their proper nutrients and diet before weakness from malnutrition might take over. My last fancy goldfish had recurrent swimbladder problems and, in hindsight, I realised she'd gone several weeks without the proper nutrients and being fed only pea and cucumber, such was my determination to alleviate the swimbladder symptoms - ultimately, I think weakness from this ultimately resulted in her final demise. Although my common/comet goldfish spent a lot of time resting near the top of the tank in his final weeks/months, I did continue feeding the proper food/nutrients but, again given the floating effect post-feeding, I fed very (probably too) sparingly. On the basis of all of this, I think it's pellet time, even a tiny amount each day.