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Re: Suspected Platy Dropsy - Help!

Subject: Re: Suspected Platy Dropsy - Help!
by fcmf on 29/4/2020 15:14:27

Do you have any Epsom salts (magesium sulphate)? [NB. Not aquarium salt / sodium chloride which is for other conditions.] If so, that's an alternative option - you could give her an Epsom salt bath for 15-20 minutes in a plastic tub or your spare tank (tank water straight from the tank with the Epsom salts added).

Edited to add: The dosage appears to be 1 tablespoon for 4 litres. When I tried this, I'm fairly certain I erred on the side of caution and just dosed 1 teaspoon for 4 litres - even at that, my cardinal tetra shuddered during treatment (in hindsight, perhaps I ought to have removed her from it altogether).