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Re: 29 Gallon Tank leaning forward

Subject: Re: 29 Gallon Tank leaning forward
by fcmf on 9/4/2020 12:25:07

Of as much, or more, concern than the tank toppling forwards is the extra strain/pressure that would be put on the tank glass and the corners of the tank - at some stage, this is unlikely to be able to tolerate that. Sometimes a tank develops a slow leak but often (and more likely in this situation) it bursts with devastating consequences for all concerned - the inhabitants, the home, and, in your case the neighbours below.

If I were you, I would:
* switch off the electrics - filter(s), heater, etc - and transfer the water into buckets and lower the tank water level as much as possible just to cover all the fish (or ideally move them and the water into a bucket also, covering that with a towel to prevent any jumping out through stress, and remove the electrical items out of the tank too to reduce the weight of the tank);
* ideally, move the tank off the base unit altogether, then ensure that the base unit is completely flat (spirit level is helpful);
* once the above is achieved, then ensure that the tank is fully supported on the base unit and flat on the top of its surface - a foam base mat and/or a sheet of polystyrene can help achieve that;
* re-fill the tank - very slowly if the fish are still in it (to avoid pressure-associated health problems that can form if a tank is filled too swiftly eg gas-bubble disease) or carefully adding in the fish after the tank is filled;
* switch the electrics back on ASAP to avoid loss of any beneficial bacteria starting to be developed.

If you've added the fish within only several days of setting up the tank, then the fish will be going through a fish-in cycle. Measure ammonia, nitrite, nitrate and PH at least once daily and follow the measures in this article https://www.fishkeeping.co.uk/articles ... ammonia-nitrite-spike.htm if required.

Hope that helps.