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Re: Honey gourami breeding. Help!

Subject: Re: Honey gourami breeding. Help!
by fcmf on 6/4/2020 14:43:18

A disclaimer that I have absolutely no experience in breeding.

However, I've had a quick look around other threads on the matter and the tiny size of the fry is mentioned. Some folk advice fry nets, some warn that some breeder boxes have holes on the side and that tank inhabitants suck the fry out through those), and some advise setting up a tank specifically for breeding - putting the mother back in the main tank once the eggs appear and the father back n the main tank once the fry are free-swimming, and only transferring the fry into the main tank once they're sufficiently large to survive.

The Marina one you mention has the huge advantage of sitting on the outside of the tank so, provided that your tank would allow for a hang-on breeder box (mine wouldn't unless I removed the entire lid contraption), that sounds an ideal solution in theory. I would perhaps do a few searches on 'neutral' websites such as Amazon to check the reviews of this (as I do with any item I'm considering purchasing).