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Honey gourami breeding. Help!

Subject: Honey gourami breeding. Help!
by Pcam86 on 31/3/2020 23:04:44


So I'd added floating plants to my tank a week ago and yesterday noticed my male Honey gourami staying under them and chasing all other fish away. An hour ago I'd noticed that the female had been allowed to go under the floating plants in the corner and all of a sudden the male wrapped himself around the female and she dropped some eggs. The male tried to grab them all but half of my fish ate them.

I already have a makeshift fry nursery in this tank for a baby guppy I'd found hiding last week. I've read to remove the parents from a tank after they spawn. I'm not able to do this so I'm a bit stuck on whether I'm best to just leave them to chance life naturally or if it will be safe to add the eggs to the floating nursery (I'm assuming the guppy fry will eat the gourami fry if they hatch) or if I should make another small floating nursery for the eggs instead?

I've bread other fish before but have no clue what's best to do with Honey Gourami 😩