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Re: Tertras if water is hard?

Subject: Re: Tertras if water is hard?
by Fishlady on 16/2/2020 7:42:18

I'm afraid the person in the shop wasn't telling the truth as tetras cannot breed in hard water. Any bred in the UK are bred in soft water - either RO or rainwater. Plus, that shop buys its fish in from wholesalers who source fish from foreign breeders and wild-caught, not local bred.

The first thing to do is to find out how hard your water actually is. You can find out from your supplier's web site. Look for a page on water quality in your area, input your postal code and you'll get a full report including hardness. You can then compare your hardness to the requirements of the fish on a site like this one, or https://seriouslyfish.com/knowledge-base/

Even if you can't keep neons or cardinals there are some tetras that can cope with harder water (depending on how hard). Pop back with your hardness level and we'll see if there are any that are suitable.