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Re: Ammonia and nitrate problems

Subject: Re: Ammonia and nitrate problems
by Yanyan on 12/2/2020 16:45:13

Thanks for the info. I found a dead shrimp, that was only put in on Saturday, and took it out today...that and the antibiotics could have caused the ammonia to rise again.

The nitrites have been at zero since 24th Jan. Its the nitrates, which come out of my tap/faucet at .50ppm that are worrying. The article you linked suggests a gizmo like the pozzani nitrate filter I've looked into. If anyone has tried one of these, or can suggest a good uk brand of nitrate filtration, I'd love to hear about it.

I put several new plants in today, and wil keep doing partial water changes, as this does help reduce ammonia, but I feel the poor fish are caught between the devil and the deep blue sea with my whole water supply being poisonous to them.
Thanks again