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Before you post, please read this.

Subject: Before you post, please read this.
by 2010 on 8/2/2020 22:46:13

Hi, I will try my best to answer your question, like you, I too have a day job, so your question may not be answered for a day or two, please bear this in mind when posting.

Also the more information you give the better the reply, since I will not have to ask you anything.

But do bear in mind that not everything asked is actually possible, e.g.

1) Is it possible to build a pond using an above ground swimming pool. All you have to do is read the instructions and you will see they clearly state it is not to be used below 5 degrees.

2) Can I have a mains light in my pond, as I can't find a new one. Have a look, you will see that no one makes them as they were banned in the UK many years ago, and now you can get 12v LED lights that change colour, much better.

3) Can I have a pond pump with say 25m of cable? (All you have to do is look, and you will find that pumps come with 10m of cable or less)

4) Does any one live near me? (you) all you have to do is look at the posts for location, truth is people only ask questions here now, so sadly there is no one near you who can "pop round"

And finally................. please pop back and leave a reply.