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Re: Website updated

Subject: Re: Website updated
by 2010 on 28/1/2020 22:48:32

Date and time format looks much better.


My last previous post (solar pond pump) had a picture, now it only has an icon saying it had a picture, in other words the picture has gone missing. No problem, but you did ask.
If you can remove the icon I will post the picture again in a new post.?


Post title length, looking around found several titles to be 3 lines long, which then makes all the others look odd. Perhaps a limit to 75 characters? Or only allow the post heading to show just 5o characters but the actual post the whole as is title? (you did ask)

Who is the author of a post, its in "reverse" would just in bold be easier on the eye?


Is there something wrong with the colours?