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Re: Green Microscopic Algae Problem

Subject: Re: Green Microscopic Algae Problem
by fcmf on 18/1/2020 18:44:42

If it is a Chinese algae eater, this species factsheet https://www.fishkeeping.co.uk/modules/ ... sheet.php?caresheetID=126 shows its requirements and the minimum tank size required. A LFS or aquarist-classifieds.co.uk may be able to help with rehoming him/her if you aren't able to get a suitably-sized tank.

As you're doing very small water changes, and only fortnightly, I suspect your nitrate level is high - do you have a liquid-based test kit to test this (and the other crucial water quality tests of ammonia and nitrite)? Weekly water changes of 25% (or anything up to 50%) ought to help considerably.

[ Edited to add: 2 pieces of almost identical advice arriving in stereo from myself and Fishlady. Hope this is helpful. :) ]