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Re: Green Microscopic Algae Problem

Subject: Re: Green Microscopic Algae Problem
by Swimmer2 on 18/1/2020 16:55:23

Thanks for your post and comments. I didn't realize that Clown Loaches needed a lot of space so I'll find another species if I re-stock.

I've four Danios and four Neon Tetras. Sorry but I'm not sure what species the Algae Eater is. The fish is about 10-12 cm long and a very distinctive orange colour. The fish is quite active and is happy to move around the tank at most times of the day. That's all the information that I can give you, unfortunately.

Water changes happen every two weeks and I take out about 5L of the total 60L (With ornaments etc. the water volume is probably about 55L) so it's about a 9 or 10% changeover.

The lights are on for about 8 hours a day. The tank is in the proximity of a window but it's north-facing so the tank does not catch much direct sunlight.