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Camalanus worms, what dosage of harka verm please help!

Subject: Camalanus worms, what dosage of harka verm please help!
by Tilikum on 13/1/2020 13:51:51

Hi everyone

Can someone please help me work out the dosage of harka verm bird wormer for my fish tank.

I'm absolutely certain they have camalanus worms, I have lost a couple of guppy's and a male Betta and could not figure out what was wrong with them until last week I noticed the worm sticking out of one angel.

The fish all seem ok but sometimes the same angel will scratch a bit and I've noticed all the fish quite aggressive at feeding time, also I feel the young Cory's I have look slightly underweight.

I had to order the harka verm from England as I live in Ireland and really struggled to find it so it's already been a week since I noticed the worm.

I really want to do this treatment as soon as possible so anybody out there know how much I add to the tank?

I have a 190 litre tank.
The harka verm 100ml containing levamisole hydrochloride 8%

The 190 litre is the tank I have seen the worms in so i am most concerned about but I also have a 54litre and a 70 litre and a empty 28 litre that was home to the Betta but is now empty but still running.

I think I need to treat all these tanks as I have definitely cross contaminated, I have moved plants and fish and ornaments and used the same equipment a lot so I can guarantee they are all infected.

Please someone who has used this to treat camalanus worms help!

I have been reading loads but am very confused.