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Fishless cycle readings

Subject: Fishless cycle readings
by XRatedViper on 20/12/2019 14:44:58


I started a fishless cycle on 5th December, I got my first nitrite reading on 17th December which was 0.25. I've just done a test now and it's at 3ppm, I thought it was too early to do a nitrate reading but decided to do it anyway and it's at 30ppm. Is this normal to get these readings this early? My tank isn't new, I've had it for 6 years but it's been off for a year and just started it back up again. I've helped it by having the temperature at 26 degree's and I've got 2 wave makers and a spray bar creating plenty of surface agitation. I'm using the API liquid test kit which was bought brand new on the day I started the cycle and I've been bashing and shaking them before use just in case. My readings are below:

5/12/19 - Ammonia 4ppm
7/12/19 - Ammonia 4ppm
9/12/19 - Ammonia 3ppm
11/12/19 - Ammonia 2ppm (added 2.4ml Ammonia) Nitrite 0
13/12/19 - Ammonia 4ppm
16/12/19 - Ammonia 3ppm
17/12/19 - Nitrite 0.25ppm
18/12/19 - Ammonia 2ppm (added 2.4ml Ammonia)
20/12/19 Ammonia 2ppm - Nitrite 3ppm - Nitrate 30ppm

Thanks :)