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Plant Damage

Subject: Plant Damage
by Stevolution on 28/11/2019 18:13:42

Hi there,

New member here, hope someone is able to help.

Have a relatively new tank setup (Juwel Rio 240L). Couple of months old now. My fish are fine, but I seem to have had a little trouble with plants. Dotted a few plant fertilizer capsules around the place when I first set the tank up. Have also started adding liquid CO2 and liquid fertilizer over the last few weeks. Some of the first plants I had in died off pretty quick. Others have survived, but are starting to look a little unhealthy (at least to my untrained eye). I do have a couple of loaches who seem to like having a go on the leaves.

Do people think these plants look unhealthy and if so, what would you say is the issue?

Thanks in advance