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Hitchhiker help!

Subject: Hitchhiker help!
by Candle321 on 28/11/2019 11:49:34

So we bought some new plants for our 350 litre, from Pets at Home. Three days later out pops a Zebra Loach!

I'm still in total shock, I had to call hubby over as I thought I was having a delusional episode and hallucinating (feel free to laugh!)

Aside from not believing how on earth this guy survived in a bag with a plant on a rock, jostled about in the car boot and no water for over an hour - I'm now really concerned as the tank sits at about 20c and initial reading tells me they need to be at 23c min.

Of course we may need to speak to Pets at Home and check if they had Zebras in the tank where the plants came from, we've added a few new plants over the last couple of weeks so he could in theory have come from elsewhere, perhaps even longer ago as a baby? He's about two inches.

Any help, advice or ideas would be greatly appreciated!