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Re: BioOrb Fish Dead

Subject: Re: BioOrb Fish Dead
by Comleysmith on 11/11/2019 15:41:43

Thanks for the advice. We did do the fishless cycle and have all the measuring equipment in so know the quality of water is fine. The photo on the front of one of the boxes for the BioOrb is of small fish and we asked the Aquarium specialist what we should have and she said these minnows would be good. She also said we could have a lot more than 6! We know now that is not right and will keep the 4 minnows as they seem OK but if i notice they seem unhealthy at all, for their own sakes, I will return them to the shop and get what you recommended instead. BioOrb UK replied to say the rocks it comes with should stop small fish getting in the filter which is ridiculous! We have stuffed extra into the holes and have had 2 days now where the fish have not gone into the filter and are awaiting the tube surround to stop it happening again. They are now the most checked four fish ever!