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Re: I don’t know what else to do-please help?

Subject: Re: I don’t know what else to do-please help?
by fcmf on 3/11/2019 13:34:39

If you still think it's worms, rather than poo, than you'll absolutely have to get video footage of these worms when moving about *with any filter current switched off* and also of everything you're describing on the fish themselves and the fish behaviour generally - without that, it's likely that any vet (in the UK or the USA via justanswer.com) will reach the same diagnosis as Fishlady (who is extremely experienced). No, the USA vets on justanswer.com will not prescribe medication but may or may not suggest contacting an aquatic vet here in the UK if they think the situation requires it.

Coming from a different angle, another possible explanation for the fish's *behaviour* is something in the tank or the room of the tank which may be affecting them - this might be helpful for pinpointing possibilities https://www.practicalfishkeeping.co.uk ... -that-can-kill-your-fish/ and which could easily be addressed if so.