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Re: I don’t know what else to do-please help?

Subject: Re: I don’t know what else to do-please help?
by fcmf on 1/11/2019 20:54:11

I think that, rather than getting the professional advice it sounded like you were going to get, you've been "palmed off" to a standard member of staff - an aquarist is someone who keeps an aquarium, so they could have any level of experience and may only be basing their response on their own experience, but I think you've summed up the likely situation very well. Anyway, it's clear from everything you've said that we know what we're dealing with, so I would ignore that side of things and work out a way forward between us.

Just to check - presumably you didn't have any carbon in the filter when you dosed the medication? (If so, that prevents it working properly.) What is the standard course of medication, how many days did you dose for, and does it mention extending the treatment course?

Are you able to take a video of the fish and the worms, and upload the videos onto YouTube? That would be worth having as evidence for anyone you seek advice from.
If you're really keen for a veterinary opinion, then you could use a service I used in the past before I was aware of these forums' existence - I sought advice from vet professionals with aquatic expertise via www.justanswers.com in the USA; from recollection, it was about £25 for basic-level advice and there were 3 tiers of advice but even the basic level was well worth it for peace of mind.
Alternatively, one of the aquatic vets via the link I gave you the other day may be able to help, or local unis' veterinary depts (if there's one near you) may have folk who specialise in fish and be very willing to help.