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Re: I don’t know what else to do-please help?

Subject: Re: I don’t know what else to do-please help?
by DJW34 on 1/11/2019 16:40:47

I just spoke to customer services who apparently asked an aquarist for his opinion after looking at the poor quality photos I sent them in email and he has said it’s just poop?! Seriously. My fish after eating just peas have expelled 25 reddish brown worms which are still alive and what I’ve witnessed moving in the bucket of water after 10 mins. Poop doesn’t wriggle but customer services says it does due to current in the water?

I didn’t touch the bucket or the water these worms were in and they were moving so I poured boiling water and bleach onto them and it still took a while for them to die.
I don’t know if it’s the pets store being in denial and refusing to deal with the problem or not.
Because they are adamant they are not worms despite all the symptoms and behaviour of my fish I realise I will never get the veterinary help these fish desperately need.
As I’ve now exhausted every option open to me and I can’t do anything else I’ve told them I’m returning the fish for them to treat them in a quarantine tank for the worm infestation and when and if they have been cleared I will come and collect them with the fish looking healthy.
I don’t have any faith in them treating my fish with a veterinary medication especially if they use store staff to be the ones monitoring them as they probably won’t have any knowledge or experience of identifying round worm infestation.
Then the fish without treatment will die.
To be told that all of this is just the fish having a long poop has left me feeling so angry.
I’ve told them I will be claiming all my expenses back from them as they have caused me and the fish nothing but stress.
I want to take a sample of the worms to be examined by an expert or some scientist that deals with fish diseases because if the fish die and I can’t prove what was wrong with them then the pet store will hold no responsibility.
So I was hoping someone on here might know of somewhere that does this type of sample tests of the fishes worms that are diagnosed to be poop.
I will get the money together to have it done I just need to know where I can find someone to help with this?
I really appreciate any help or advice with this.
Also what would you do if it was yourself in this situation?
I’m at a loss with this.
Thank you.