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Please help diagnose my betta fish!!!

Subject: Please help diagnose my betta fish!!!
by littleree on 21/10/2019 13:11:06

My betta fish is over a year old. A week ago his scales started to disappear on the side of his eye and it seems to be getting worse. The wound is inverted where the scales are missing, along with white blobs inside the wound. His behaviour is normal and he's eating, but he's spending more time floating at the top of the tank and not investigating and swimming around like normal. I can't find a diagnosis to fit him, and I don't want to treat the wrong thing. I tried aquacare anti-parasite but he began to gasp for air and eventually started floating and not moving at all, so i took him out of the tank and did a big water change. I also have melafix, which is just a stronger version of bettafix, that i could water down and treat him with. Please help, what do you think is wrong with him?


Size of tank: 20 liters

Filter: Duel biochemical sponge filter with aqua nova pump

How long has the tank been set up?: Just over a year

pH around 7.5
Ammonia 0
NitrIte 0
NitrAte 0
water temperature 26 degrees celsius

When was the last water change and how much did you change? Tried to treat him with aquacare anti parasite, but he reacted pretty badly and so did a large (70%) water change yesterday. Before that, I've been doing more frequent 30% changes every few days to try to help him.

A list of all the inhabitants? Just the betta and 2 snails

When did you last add fish, plants, ornaments or other tank equipment? Months ago, nothing new

Have you added any medication? Tried aquacare anti parasite, with a bad reaction (floating at top of tank, not moving. I took him out and put him in a temporary tank to change the water). I also bought Melafix and Im thinking of adding a tiny dose.