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Re: Tetra white mouth growth

Subject: Re: Tetra white mouth growth
by fcmf on 22/9/2019 13:44:46

No, nerite snails don't tolerate copper.

The best option would be to quarantine/hospitalise the affected neon tetra for treatment in a separate tank/container (e.g. a large Really Useful Box or other plastic container if you don't have a spare tank) with heater and spare filter (moving some of the mature media across into it), then return them to the main tank. [It's always handy having a spare heater and filter anyway, in the event of device failure, if you don't already have these - and then they can also be used for this purpose too.]

While you could remove the nerite snails, medicate the main tank and run carbon through the filter following treatment to remove any traces of medication, I think this is risky - there would be no guarantee that the snails wouldn't encounter some traces of copper.

Hope that helps.