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Re: Fishless cycle is just not working, guidance needed....

Subject: Re: Fishless cycle is just not working, guidance needed....
by Fishyfishfish on 18/11/2019 10:53:15


Fishlady wrote:
Yes, that will be fine. Bacteria can survive a couple of days in a tank with the filter running, and several hours without running water. Congratulations, and enjoy your fish

Thanks for all your help with this it feels like it's taken months and months!

I do have a couple more questions I will throw your way though.

At what point do I begin using the nitrate remover? The bottle states to use an initial dosage for four weeks but do I aim to start using it once nitrates reach a specific level?

Thinking about the livestock I will have in there has proved tough because our water here is hard but I like tetras. I know a lot of tropical fish are tank bred nowadays and cardinals were the last fish I kept along with platy and I really liked the tetra. Are they suited long term to the water and, if so, what makes a suitable tank mate for them other than more cardinal tetra?