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Re: Accidental tank acquisition

Subject: Re: Accidental tank acquisition
by Candle321 on 1/12/2019 19:04:37

11 weeks in, blimey it feels a lot longer than that!

Throughout all the trials and tribulations the tank has retained great parameters, a lot of hard work, research and worry though well worth it. To have a weather loach curl up in your hand for a snooze is better than winning the lottery.

We now have a settled tank with the following:

3 (now huge) Weather Loaches
8 Leopard Danios
3 Variatus Platy
4 x 1 Week old V. Platy (hoped the loaches would prevent this, dang!)
1 suprise Zebra Loach (friends and a tank heater to be purchased shortly)
A few baby MTS hitchhiking (WL's observed eating these so hope they won't become a problem)

Thriving jungle val, annubias, Amazon swords, crypts, ludwigia, java moss and
a little bit of salvinia. Just started a pothos cutting to see how it affects nitrates, cos I'm a nerd and I can lol.

Best news of all is that hubby has started the alcove for the 5 footer! He is going to build a solid wood frame based on load weight, distribution and all that flar flar, cos he's a nerd and he can lol.

We have found a supplier for the new tank who build and stock a standard tank that fits what we need. Plus I get cupboard room specific to requirements, mainly to house the growing collection of fish food and aquarist supplies that I am amassing.

I seriously love this tank and wanted to say a HUGE thankyou to this site and you guys who have helped. It has been a very steep learning curve - last week I was in the lfs buying live food and a couple of other customers were discussing fishy stuff with the staff; I not only joined in but also made a few valid points that they hadn't thought of and then agreed with. That made my year 😋🤓🎉👏 so thank you again!