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Re: Accidental tank acquisition

Subject: Re: Accidental tank acquisition
by Candle321 on 15/9/2019 17:53:26

The tank model and size is the very same! I shall now try and condense the last few days into one post.

We are going with RO to enable us to keep the loaches, and also a larger aquarium.

Interestingly, after contacting a couple of local aquatic centres we have been advised the WL's can 'tolerate' up to 20dh BUT I'd like to at least lower it from the current 16 to fit better with the advice you supplied.

To fit the larger tank in an ideal position away from excessive sunlight and radiators, we need to remove an old chimney breast. Happily OH is a plumber/builder so this isn't a biggy but it will take time.

He can also install an RO unit under the kitchen sink branching from the domestic cold water inlet, to make things a little easier.

Sooooooo, the purchase of the RO unit is imminent - just need to do a little more research on the best units. Time and effort to maintain this method are not issues.

Finally - considering the current size of the WL's, how much time do we realistically have before the size of the tank becomes detrimental to their health and well being? Do we have weeks or months, or even years?