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Re: Accidental tank acquisition

Subject: Re: Accidental tank acquisition
by fcmf on 13/9/2019 18:18:17

Thanks for this.

The water hardness will be fine for the WCMMs - according to the species profile https://www.seriouslyfish.com/species/tanichthys-albonubes/, they require 90-357 ppm, so your 284 ppm (CaCO3) is fine, and you might well decide to add more; they come in golden and long-finned versions as well as the more standard colour (plus some other variations). Other potential tankmates are mentioned at the end of this species profile, so you could always check those species' requirements (e.g. water hardness and tank size) against your own, but I'll have a think about some potential possiblities that would suit the temperature range of the WCMMs...

As for the weather loaches, this https://www.seriouslyfish.com/species/misgurnus-anguillicaudatus/ and this may be helpful https://www.practicalfishkeeping.co.uk ... hes-and-how-to-keep-them/ , and your water is too hard for them, so I'd advise contacting a local fish shop about taking them from you or advertising them to sell / give away locally on www.aquarist-classifieds.co.uk

Test kits with good reputations include Salifert, API, JBL, Sera... Food brands with good reputations include Fish Science, Sera, Vitalis, Fluval (e.g. Bug Bites), JBL...