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Re: Accidental tank acquisition

Subject: Re: Accidental tank acquisition
by Candle321 on 13/9/2019 17:34:02

Hi again and thank you for your replies!

So here goes with the water hardness for our postcode:

Calcium carbonate 284 mg/l
Calcium 113.6 mg/l
Degrees Clark 19.766c
Degrees French 28.4f
Degrees German 16.131 dH
millimoles 2.84 mol/l

Could you advise on a good test kit to buy? I have had a look online and the choice is baffling.

Also, we would perhaps like to add stock in the future but I have read Weather Loaches grow quite large and I have some concern over whether this tank is big enough for three adults plus other fish?

We are have started with the 10% water changes daily and will continue until we feel comfortable with the test results and in line with what you mentioned about stress hormones etc.

I have also fed them a little extra today and every scrap has gone! Aside from the daphnia etc that I already have, can you recommend a quality feed for the whole crew? No offence to Wilko but I'm not confident the flakes are the best quality.

Thanks in advance!