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Re: Sick goldfish, please help to identify

Subject: Re: Sick goldfish, please help to identify
by PH12345 on 24/9/2019 15:46:41

Hi, Thank you for your reply! I have completed the Myxazin treatment a week ago. All the visible marks and bruising on it's body have healed but it still has a stringy poop. I think it has had it for about 2 months now. It behaves and swims as normal. I noticed yesterday evening something new - a small bulging half a pea size bump on it's abdomen, seems like from constipation. It keeps pooping long white stringy stuff with nothing inside and every now and then there is a very small amount of poop in it. The bulge has nearly disappeared today as it managed to poop a bit.
I am planning not to feed the fish for a few days and then try to give them some cucumber and peas maybe? I have always fed them Fluval goldfish flakes (for at least 3.5 years) and a few times a week some dried bloodworms and tubifex treats. Never had any problems before. Also, when I feed the flakes, I don't float them I make sure they will sink. I have heard of medicated food for bacterial infection but I am not sure what that is. Or should I do another Myxazin treatment. It's been a bit over a week since the last treatment and I have changed some of the water, I guess it should be safe to treat again? The bottle doesn't say anything about retreating or extending the treatment.
Any advice is very welcome!
Thank you so much!