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Worms or Parasite? Help with diagnosis!

Subject: Worms or Parasite? Help with diagnosis!
by MalawiAquarist on 2/8/2019 9:15:02

Hi all,

So I have a new 500l tank with a number of Cichlids and someone just isn't right!

A few had sunken bellies and the two original fish I moved to a different tank when I noticed they started getting really bloated. These are dragon's blood peacocks.

I thought this could be constipation rather than bloat so I soaked their food in epsom salt and added a little to the tank, fed them veggies for a few days and it seemed to subside.

But then I noticed a lot of the 14 fish in my main aquarium had sunken belly so straight away true to source a dewormer to add to their food, but seems you can't source anything decent in the UK!

In the end I went for Octozin and treated the whole tank for 3 days (20 tablets each day). About 6 days overall and only one loss (it was a very young fish so maybe didn't have the strength). Another is very ill and in another tank, again a very young fish, and Azureus F1 :(

Some of the fish look OK, I removed some sand, cleaned it well, did a 60% water change. However the 3 sciaenochromis still have sunken bellies, but their shape is a little different.

The dragons blood peacocks just look an odd shape to me, a little bloated with sunken belly as the same time!

Can anyone help with what to do? Is it most likely worms? I've just treated with fluke-solve which treats tapeworm but again this is straight into the tank.