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Re: Need extra long cable for underwater pump

Subject: Re: Need extra long cable for underwater pump
by 2010 on 3/8/2019 16:54:54

I never said 10m of cable was safe, I said that it was decided that all pumps will come with 10m Of cable and a plug fitted.
You could have 50m of cable if you want, the longer the cable is the more chance you stand of damaging it, that is why you should use SWA cable.
Or on the flip side, if SWA cable was not required why do your sockets have it?

I really do wish you luck asking a pump manufacturer to make you a pump with 30m of cable, they are not allowed to, and also it would be cost prohibative (to you) since they would have to alter an entire production run for just one pump.

I am sorry it is not the answer you were hoping for.