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Re: Need extra long cable for underwater pump

Subject: Re: Need extra long cable for underwater pump
by 2010 on 3/8/2019 9:00:05

The cable that comes with a pump is actually "Flex" (Ok, its "rubber" but it is designed to be used safely underwater) As it is rubber it is only intended to be used in water and connected "locally" to where it will be used. It does not have any mechanical protection. This means that if you were to use such a cable over 30m in your garden, today you know where the cable is, in a few months when digging in your garden you can easily slice through the cable.
What you should do is to install a Steel Wire Armoured cable from your existing socket to the new socket location. As the name implies a SWA cable is not easy to damage or cut and can easily survive being hit with a spade. (The SWA should also be directly buried underground as that is what it is designed for)
Ideally, you should install a complete SWA cable, but you can get "kits" NEVER use "extensions"
If you do not feel confident to do this, then I suggest you get an electrician in to do the job for you, and instead of one socket why not have several to allow for future expansion. (A U.V.C. if required, or some decorative lighting on a timer?)

To directly answer your original question, no manufacturer makes a pond pump with 30m of cable, in years gone by pumps had a 3m of cable then it was decided that all pumps should have a plug fitted and a 10m of cable (Often 3m was a bit too short as you could easily lose the 3m going across the pool floor up the side and then.......)