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Need extra long cable for underwater pump

Subject: Need extra long cable for underwater pump
by Anonymous on 1/8/2019 16:59:47

I have a small water feature with fountain at one end. After 15 years I am replacing the original pump which needs to pump water about 1.5m in height. I would prefer to simplify my outdoor electrics so ideally would like the pump to have about 30m of cable then it would reach my outdoor socket. From what I have seen, having had quick look at marketplace, most pumps come with 10m of cable which isn't long enough. This would mean a juntion box and a join to attach another length of cable which, if possible, I would rather avoid.
Does anyone know of any maker of submersible pumps which come with a choice of cable length or one which is 30m rather than what appears to be a standard 10m?
Kind Regards