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Re: Missing guppy

Subject: Re: Missing guppy
by Fenris982 on 11/8/2019 17:15:37

A friend of mine recently lost a guppy.

she searched for two days and it turned up inside the filter housing that covered the impeller... it was just chilling there catching food as it went past. something tells me it would of been more than happy to live its life sat there too lol.

Either its been eaten post dieing or it will turn up. Either way i feel your pain. I'd personally remove the guppies and bulk up the groups of fish you have. Add some yo yo loaches and a few of the phantoms to really let em shine... I'd also identify the gender of your pearls and perhaps add a few more... 1 male to however many females you want really. But thats just me.

Either way, good luck in your search and good luck in your hobby