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Missing guppy

Subject: Missing guppy
by cheesecake_08 on 26/7/2019 15:37:40

Hi all, I have a 320 litre tank with 2 pearl gouramis, 2 yo-yo loaches, 6 black phantoms and just this week added 4 male guppies.

Added the guppies Wednesday evening and Thursday morning there were only 3...I've checked the filters and just done a hoover and water change and haven't found it dead anywhere.

Would one of the other fish have eaten it? I have had a look on forums and couldn't find anything to say either the gouramis or the loach would eat a guppy.

Should I move the remaining 3 guppies to another tank on their own or should they be ok?

Another question...what other fish would compliment the tank?

Thanks in advance!