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Re: Brown Algae

Subject: Re: Brown Algae
by fcmf on 9/7/2019 21:14:11

That does look like brown algae. Nerite snails are lovely and your number are the same as I have proportionately for the tank size. It's really difficult to comment on how good a job they will do at cleaning it - but generally the tank doesn't have much algae (maybe due to them controlling it) and it comes down to the individual snails. One of mine prefers to work diligently away on the tank's walls/surfaces but that's not to say that they're completely algae-free - sometimes a seemingly clean part is gone over and over, sometimes patches of algae are left and not ventured towards, and often there's patterning/footprint marks of where the snail has been. The other snail tends to work diligently away on the wood and rarely is on the tank's walls/surfaces. Sometimes they'll go onto the silk plants' leaves to clean those but only those that support their weight - I have to give the plants' leaves a scrub with a toothbrush weekly and sometimes use a sponge to give the front wall/surface of the tank an extra wipe to eliminate any residual algae. I enjoy having snails for admiring their beautiful patterning and watching their antics (e.g. hanging off a leaf) more than I do for their algae-eating abilities. In a nutshell, they will help but don't expect the result to be transformative like adverts for cleaning products!