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Re: White bump...

Subject: Re: White bump...
by Shubunkin72 on 12/7/2019 11:27:24

I'm sorry you also had a bad experience with a vet...but sadly, I think we're probably not alone, which is incredibly sad that so many people have very little regard for fish, and goldfish in particular...and very little compassion for their owners. I did get some odd looks from other people waiting at the surgery with their cats and dogs...but I think on the whole, they just appreciated that I loved my fish as much as they love their pets.
My boyfriend used to have the same attitude, and even though he bought me my first goldfish, to him it was just a £2.99 fish that would look good in the pond, but wouldn't really matter if it died as I could just buy a new one. He laughed when I bought her indoors over winter, and even more when I set up an indoor pond in the lounge! Now he loves them all, and is always happy with the excited wiggles he gets whenever he's here and walks past their tank. He dropped his work to drive me to the vets on both days and didn't think it odd at all that I'd spend so much money on Shadow.
I really appreciate your help...always, and your kind words.